Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cirque Du Alli

I have some truly amazing friends. My bachelorette party in Vegas was an amazing weekend filled with lots of laughter, gambling (me mostly), Icings, and quality pool time.

My friend Molly and boyfriend Jason designed the awesome party invites. I was totally blown away by them and I absolutely loved the circus theme throughout the weekend.  I especially like circusy, vintage woodcut font on the front of the invitation (JF Ringmaster). It reminds me of a circus poster they would have used in Water for Elephants (a book Molly bought me for my birthday last year).

A few weeks before the circus commenced, my friend Hannah sent everyone who came one of her famous CD mixes that included lots of Circus and Vegas themed music which included "Circus" by Britney, "Waking Up in Vegas" by my latest girl-pop obsession, Katy Perry, and the lovely "Vegas" by Sara Bareilles.

Once the party actually got started in Vegas, she had made another mix of party songs we rocked out all weekend. You can check out H√§nnah's Vegas Mix 2 at the iTunes store. 

Highlights from the weekend include:

Spending all day poolside at Caesar's Palace. Not that all weekends in Vegas aren't crazy, but this weekend particularly was because it was Memorial Day. Snoop Dogg was there.


The best cupcakes EVER from Retro Bakery. I kind of look like a cupcake myself in my pink, curled hair, and sequined sash. We then took a limo ride down the Strip before heading to Holly Madison's Peep Show. 


Limo ride on the strip before Holly Madison's Peep Show. Most importantly, spending time with a few of my favorite ladies!



Molly Jane said...

I'm determined to go back to Vegas with you. It was a great first experience but now that I'm "seasoned" I think I'll do it even better next time. This time with full limo experience!

Anonymous said...

next stop, Vegas please!