Friday, July 23, 2010

Signature Touch

Signature cocktails are a fun touch to any event or party. Since Brian and I mostly drink beer and wine, we don't really have a liquor drink that's special to us other than our love for Texas-sized margaritas. Except vodka. However, Brian likes his with water and I like mine with Red Bull. For the wedding, we opted for a lemonade-based drink instead to match our yellow. Enjoy the Limelight.

Add a splash of soda and serve with a lime! Although it was missing Tequila, I thought it tasted like a Kansas version of a margarita. A little sweet but definitely tasty. It was the first drink I had once we got to the reception.

More than the actual drink, I wanted to show off one of my favorite finds ever - grey and white stripey straws! We had the bartenders add them into each of the Limelights and the sodas for the kids.

I ended up finding a couple of boxes at my absolutely favorite gift shop in Topeka, Dickerson's. I always make time to make a stop there on my trips back home to Kansas. I'm glad I bought them when I did because they've apparently become quite popular. I wanted to order more, but they are completely sold out everywhere else. They are currently available in red, blue, magenta, and green though for about $3 for a pack of 25 from vendors on on Etsy like HeyYoYo or the party planning website Modern Lola.

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Nicole said...

Cute! I love Dickerson's! And I appreciate that there is still a local business in Topeka offering great products.