Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Name that color!

In 1993, I entered Crayola's "Name the New Color Contest." Sixteen new colors were added that year (all from consumer ideas), including Mac & Cheese, Razzamatazz, and Granny Smith Apple. Unfortunately my suggestion, "Bananarama," an electric yellow, didn't make the cut. I still think it was a good name and maybe one day Crayola can make it happen. Or at maybe Jill can at least call a yellow Bananarama in one of her color palette designs.

I'm not sure if this contest was a significant point in the history of color naming, but I remember it being kind of a big deal. It wasn't just "pink" anymore, it was now Tickle Me Pink. You want a green? How about Shamrock instead? If you're interested in more about the history of color names, check out the chronology of Crayola, which includes information about some of the controversial color names.

I saw a clip yesterday from the Today Show that spotlighted Essie Weingarten, of Essie nail polish, and how she comes up with colors and the cleverly cute names for her fab nail polish. What a fun job! She's inspired by fashion trends for new colors, and she comes up with the names herself.

For my wedding, I wore the classic Ballet Slippers, a soft pink. Thanks to Kathleen for introducing me!

This summer, I sported St. Lucia Lilac.

I recently picked up the color Jazz at J. Crew for my fall nails.

Essie nail polish bottles are $8 each. Ulta frequently has buy two, get one free sales.

What color nail polish are you currently wearing? What's your favorite name for a color?

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Hannah said...

Last winter I picked up "Factory Grey" from American Apparrel's Nail Lacquer line and kept wearing it right through spring and summer (even right now!). They have amazing colors!!

I also am obsessed with OPI's "On Stage". It's a dirty mauve grayish color. It's from the line they do just for Sephora.

I LOVE that Jazz color...I might have to pick it up!