Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bubble Bath

I've always been a fan of bubble baths from Philosophy. They come in an amazing array of scents, colors, and delicious sounding names.

 Lush's Bath Bombs are also a staple in my tub.

Sometimes, if you're just craving tons of bubbles, you can't go wrong with old-school Mr. Bubbles.

What are your favorite bubble baths? 


Kendall said...

I moved to an apartment that doesn't have a tub earlier this year and boy do I miss it! I am always looking for a good bubble bath that keeps bubbly more than a few minutes! I'd love to hear more suggestions :) PS LOVE the new philosophy stuff! too cute

Robert said...

I invented my own; see linked page. I did it initially for a friend's children to avoid the urogenital irritation one of them had been experiencing, but it also made denser foam. Now it's being used by CocoaPink LLC for Meow intimate cleanser and soon a bubble bath.