Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Club — Say hello to your friends.

Let's talk The Baby-Sitters Club. I was obsessed. I read every book in the series, and every book in the Little Sisters series, too. I even joined the Fan Club that was offered in the back of Scholastic book orders that my teachers gave us every month. 

A few months ago, a few books in The Baby-Sitters Club series got a makeover to reflect a more modern girl by changing references like "cassette players" to "headphones" and "perm" to "expensive hairstyle."

IF... The Baby-sitters Club ever has a reunion movie that matches up to their lives like the Where Are They Now? predictions, here's who I think should be cast:

Ellen Page as Kristy
Blake Lively as Stacey
Zooey Deschanel as Mary Anne
Tina Cohen-Chang as Claudia
Amanda Seyfried as Dawn
Emma Stone as Mallorie
Paula Patton as Jessi
Chace Crawford as Logan
Dakota Fanning as Little Sister Karen 

Baby-sitters Club fans, do you agree with my picks? Who would you cast?


J. Hisle said...

You are amazing for posting this - I love all your picks!!

Allison said...

Jackie! I was thinking about you while coming up with the idea for this. I wanted to do Sweet Valley High, but I couldn't think of any famous blonde twins, except Mary Kate and Ashley, and I didn't think they would have been a good fit.

J. Hisle said...

You're right - they would not accurately represent the greatness that is Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield! We could think of Lila, Todd, Lois, etc though! :)

Jenni said...

Ooh ... the Wakefields should be those blonde twins who were on 8th and Ocean, and are now in the contacts commercial.

I'm TOTALLY on board with Kristy, Stacy, Dawn, Mallory, Logan, and Jessie (PERFECT) ... couldn't have chosen better.

Claudia I'm going Jamie Chung from the Real World, and Mary Anne doesn't seem quite right to me (maybe it's just because of the roles Zooey D. has played ... but I can't think of anyone else! Ha!

Fun post. Love it. :)

Allison said...

I was actually a little unsure about Mary Anne. I originally thought Jennifer Garner but I really wanted Zooey to be in it somewhere. Claudia was hard. Paula Patton as Jessie was one of the first to come to mind. Blake Lively pretty much already plays Stacey in Gossip Girl, except I don't think Serena is a diabetic.

Hannah said...

This is so dead on! Another girl for Mallorie could be that chick that was in the movie Orange County... I think her name was Schuyler Fisk...although she might be a little too old!

Rachel said...

Schuyler Fisk actually played Kristy in the movie. I don't agree with Emma Stone because she is adorable and I always thought Mallory was kind of unfortunate looking.