Saturday, January 1, 2011

I resolve...

Resolution inspiration...

A few resolutions for some facets of my life...

Health is wealth! I want to do more research on healthy living and compile a list of simple, healthful recipes. I'm going to try to use more organic products and take more time to do fun things like flossing.  

I want to make even more specific, results-driven goals and continue to make short-term fitness goals like I did this past fall and winter.  I'm still working on my winter goals but in case you were wondering, the whole "losing 5 pounds over the holiday instead of gaining" one didn't happen. Shocking, I know.

Recently, my friend Laura was honored as Teacher of the Year at her school. I know that I have room to grow as an educator and that I need to put more energy into being a stronger teacher. 

Be more responsible with it. Budget. Donate. Save. Follow the stock market. 

What are some of your resolutions? 

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