Monday, May 2, 2011

Guest Post: Floor to Ceiling

And … we’re guesting!

When Allison asked me to write a guest blog I was honored, excited, elated! A chance to be part of Cirque du Sweet … me?! (When in actuality I was thinking, what am I going to write, when am I going to write it, don’t I need to blog for myself?! Eep!)

But she led me down the right path and asked me to tell y’all a little about my favorite magazines (print or online). A little background—I have worked as a magazine editor for the past five years on city regional publications in Kansas, most notably, KANSAS! magazine (in case you want to peek!).

This is important to know because when you work with magazines, reading and enjoying a magazine is a bit of an occupational hazard. It’s hard to not read the editorial with a discerning eye and I rarely open a magazine without getting inspired by the art and design—or completely judging it. And if you want to hear more mumbo jumbo about the industry, check out Magazine Chat.


My “Current” Favorite Magazines (cause it’s always changing).

This print-only magazine is at the top of my list. The editors are nailing it. Essentially a shelter magazine, it seems to ooze a confident amount of moxy with their subjects and stories. And the art direction, all I can say is it’s all in the detail shots.

I came across LWL earlier this year and quickly realized I had been missing out. The design, typography, art and extras continue to lure me back for more. I think you’ll see why: clicky!

Lonny was one of the first digital-only magazine to hit the interwebs and they’ve not left me disappointed. Some shelter magazines falter by giving too many tips or featuring inaccessible design. Instead Lonny keeps the bar high as it continues to crank out over 150 pages—keeping me satisfied. I often visit Lonny for home ideas for my blog, Floor to Ceiling. (Bonus, they have a print edition, I just can’t afford it!)

As noted, I work in the city/regional niche so when I find a solid, design savvy publication I get giddy. The publication has great art direction but it also manages to pick unique subjects and story angles that go beyond general community features. Simply put, it’s good inspiration.

I discovered INK on MagMe, a new digital reading service and appreciated what they were creating. It’s part fashion, part art, part photography. Started by some teen artists in ’08, it actually reminded of some Scandinavian magazines, which are always avant-garde (my guilty pleasure).

I met Katy at KU orientation the summer before our freshman year. We immediately clicked but I had no idea if I'd ever end up seeing her again. Fate had it in for us and we were elated to see each other again on the Bid Day bus after both pledging Pi Phi. We're total kindred spirits and shared so many good times together in college. One of my favorite things to do is catch up with Katy about the best things in life over coffee at La Prima Tazza in Lawrence.

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