Sunday, October 9, 2011

Egg Crate Jewelry Display

I picked up one of these Farmer's Egg Crates from Anthropologie with no intention of using it for egg storage.

Instead, it makes a great jewelry organizer.

It's perfect for easy access to frequently worn items. How do you store or display your jewelry? 

If you're interested in my baubles and bangles, here ya go! 

Front: Turquoise drop earrings from Jenna B's Boutique, vintage tiny rose earrings, coral stone ring from San Francisco street vendor, natural stone earrings from So Good in New Orleans

Center: Chelsea necklace in gold from Stella & Dot (birthday gift from my sister), House of Harlow ring, Pearl Bracelet by Kathy Logan Jewelry (bridal party gift from Kathleen), Jennifer Zeuner Initial Pendant necklace (anniversary gift from Brian)

Back: Gold earrings from Shiek (no longer open), Clover necklace from Etsy, silver key necklace (wedding gift from my mother-in-law), Turquoise costume jewelry ring from Forever 21 

Butterfly print from Cloverleaf Boutique. 


original seed said...

thats such a good idea

Allison said...

It's perfect for earrings and rings. I ended up taking the necklaces and bracelets out. The crate is only $14.