Monday, January 30, 2012

Bottle It Up

If you could bottle up a scent from any experience, what would it be? 

Perfumes from CB | I Hate Perfume found via Bancroft and Ivy 

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project, speak on creating personal happiness. One of the topics she discussed was cultivating your sense of smell. We often take our sense of smell for granted, although it's our sense that remembers best.

So stop, and literally, smell the roses. In her research, she found that your level of happiness can affect your sense of smell. Basically, focus on good smells and embrace them.

If I could bottle up a few scents they would be the first day of school, a special donut shop, and the moments after a summer's rainfall.

Please share some of your special smells!


DENISE. said...

I would love to small pine trees after a rain!

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

The one she shared with the tomato scent is actually one of my absolute favorite smells in the world. That and the smell of garlic and onions cooking with tomato paste. And the smell of fresh flowers next to your bedside when you're sleeping on clean sheets. Heaven.

Angie said...

My grandpa owned a drug store for most of my childhood - if I could capture that scent somehow, I think I'd weep all day from nostalgic overload. Incidentally, CB I Hate Perfume makes a scent called "Gathering Apples," which is reminiscent of my OTHER grandpa's apple orchard.

Jennifer Mehditash Dec-a-Porter said...

I loved this part of Gretchen's talk... SO amazing the smells really transported you back to an experience (the beach w/family..etc)
Thanks for sharing this and reminding me of it.
Jen from @decaporter

Shannon Summers said...

I never got to smell the beach scent from Gretchen but I bet that would be my favorite!

Allison said...

Denise - Does everything in nature smell better after a rain? :)

Victoria - I don't think I smelled the tomato one but I can imagine the vegetable garden aroma!

Angie - Now that you mention that, I realized that all of my grandparents homes had such distinctive smells, especially the smell of old board games in my grandmother's garage!

Jennifer - It was my favorite part of the talk, too!

Shannon - The beach was delightful.

Joey said...

I shopped at CB's when I lived in Brooklyn, it's a great store. I have the Eternal Return water perfume.