Monday, February 13, 2012

Cupcakes on Camera

What was one of the first things that I took pictures of with my new camera? Cupcakes, of course!

I made these mini-cupcakes for our friend's Andrew and Kelli's engagement shower last weekend. They are vanilla cupcakes (Pillsbury Vanilla Cake Mix) with a buttercream frosting. I topped them with green and yellow heart-shaped sprinkles to go with their color theme. Big props to Kathleen, Laura, and Alli for putting on such a fun party! 


Kelli Long said...

It was the best party! And the cupcakes were delish :) Thanks Allison and all the girls for making me feel so special!

J Frye said...

Ok, how did you blur both sides but not the middle?? Did you just focus on the middle? Ugh, photography gives me anxiety :)

Allison said...

Kelli : I'm so happy you enjoyed them.

J Frye : I think it was set on manual but I'm not sure. The main thing I was focused on that night was making sure the light was balanced. I later learned that because of this, the camera automatically focused on only one part of the picture.