Monday, February 6, 2012

Float On at Adrift Float Spa

If you're like me and enjoy baths to relax or simply feel a sense of calmness while in water, imagine the sense of peace and tranquility you could feel while actually floating on water.

I recently had my first floating experience at Adrift Float Spa. I was a bit nervous (would I be the first sinker?) but the serenity of the spa's modern interior was soothing, and I was assured that 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt infused in the pool would undoubtedly keep anyone afloat. Additionally, my nerves were calmed after spending fifteen minutes in the best full-body chair massage I've experienced before floating.

Giving someone the gift of a floatation relaxation experience at Adrift Float Spa would be an incredible treat. Among the many wellness benefits of floating, the experience is equivalent to about 4 hours of deep sleep. I don't know what other experience outside of sleep itself that gives you that!

If you're still looking for something fun to do with your special someone for Valentine's Day, you should try the Couple's Float ($139). It comes with champagne, roses, and chocolates, plus all of the standard Adrift amenities.

I will definitely be headed back soon. Float on, friends!

Adrift Float Spa
8315 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75225

Thanks to Adrift Float Spa for treating me to the floatation experience. All opinions in this post are my own! 


Kelli Long said...

This sounds amazing!!! I think I will need to try it :)

brianne said...

wow, I am going to have to find out if we have something similar to this near me - sounds so incredibly amazing.

Hannah said...

I can't believe how it is equivalent to those hours of sleep! How cool! Was this place also on the Dalls Bravo Reality Show? :)

Allison said...

Everyone needs to try it at least once! Hannah, was it on Dallas Most Eligible? I don't remember but maybe so.