Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pie Time

I've yet to perfect the art of pie baking doesn't mean that I love this traditional dessert any less.

Fortunately, Emporium Pies, a pop-up pie shop opening this weekend in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, has got me covered in the pie department. They will be serving up slices of "Drunken Nut" (Bourbon Pecan with shortbread crust), "Smooth Operator" (French silk chocolate in a crispy pretzel crust), along with a special Mardi Gras pie.

I haven't indulged in this dessert since the holidays so I'm really looking forward to enjoying a good slice pie. 

Photo courtesy of Emporium Pies 

Here are a few questions and answers from Megan Wilkes, half of the sweet baking duo that makes up Emporium Pies

What's your all-time favorite pie?
My favorite pie is key lime and we are in the process of formulating the perfect sweet/tart combo for a summer treat!

Where are your favorite pie shops?
We love and are totally inspired by the sisters who started Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn. I took a pilgrimage there in December and we totally love their concept and their pie is delicious. We also love the community aspect of The Pie Lab in Greensboro, Alabama. They are really doing a lot to bolster their community and we think that is commendable and should be a huge part of every business.

Do you have any tips for the first time pie baker?
It is all in the crust. Your filling can be amazing, but if the crust sucks, you've got nothing; so concentrate on the exact instructions and never let the butter melt!

Do you think pies will be the next "trendy" treat?
I don't really know if pies will be the next trendy treat, and as a matter of fact, I kind of hope they aren't. I want people to become as infatuated as we are with the age old tradition of pie and embrace the new flavor twists that come along as traditional pies evolve; then I hope share the love with their friends for years and years to come.