Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tech Toys :: My New Camera!

Friends, get ready for some more original photography here on Cirque du Sweet. I'm not talking about more of my grainy (but full of character) Instagram pics. I got a new camera! It's a Nikon D3100 with a 35mm lens. 

The camera is great for close-up shots that I could never quite capture before so now I'll be able to share more sweet things with you! You can all thank my absolutely wonderful husband for that. He surprised me with the camera last week after knowing I had been wanting a "big girl" camera for awhile. 

I've dabbled in photography since I was a kid but I've never made this big of an investment into my picture taking. If you have any tips, tricks, or resources for a beginner DSLR, please let me know! 


J Frye said...

Take a class series, lady! When I got mine, that's the first thing I did and it helped SO MUCH. I still flip to automatic 50% of the time, but it's so much easier than trying to figure it out yourself (even though you will still have to do that constantly). I know classes are expensive, but see if you can find a deal...that's what I did and it was totally worth it!

brianne said...

I'm going to take the DSLR 101 alt summit class I think. See you there?

Allison said...

J, I'm most definitely going to take a class! I'm trying to figure out which one is the best for me. I experimented last night and took some good detail/closeup shots at a party but I need some help taking pics of people. Brianne, unfortunately the time that the DSLR 101 class is offered doesn't work for me. The speaker (Justin Hackworth) is a great photographer (and really nice!) so I'm sure the class will be great. Let me know how it goes and please let me know of the good takeaways!