Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Motivation — Hop To It!

I felt a bit like this lil' bunny while celebrating the Jayhawks victory in the Elite Eight last night. I'm beyond thrilled for our crimson and blue boys who are now headed to New Orleans to play in the Final Four for a chance to win another National Championship. Hip hip! 

This wooly bunny's name is Sir Hopsalot and you can buy him from forestblue on Etsy

Although my excitement will have me jumping for joy all week, it's time to hop to it when it comes everything else that's going on this week. My students take their state writing assessment, my car windshield needs to be replaced thanks to a mysterious crack, and our storage closet looks like a tornado ripped through it, so that needs to be organized. There are also some fun things to look forward to including a much-needed hair cut, my last beginner's DSLR photography class, and seeing The Hunger Games with girlfriends. 

Ready, Set, Hop to It! 

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Kelli Long said...

The bunny is SOOO cute! Made me laugh out loud :)