Friday, March 2, 2012

Tech Toys — iPhone Cases for Spring

Every season there is always a new crop of iPhone cases that seem to call my name. Fortunately, I have an excuse to get a new every so often because I don't exactly treat my phone with care. It's dropped on the floor at least once a day. Oopsies. 

I'm know I should probably get some bulky, super-durable case that will a long time, but I just can't help myself when there's options like these:

I still love my current case, but the edges are a little cracked and the gold dots are wearing off. 

Which case do you like the best? What kind of case do you have? 

More iPhone cases on Cirque du Sweet:


Kelli Long said...

So cute! I think you should invest in the Kate Spade one - so much fun for Spring and Summer!

kira said...

I love the tortoise shell

iPhone 4s Case said...

super cute! I love these darling cases!