Sunday, May 27, 2012

Belgian Beer

In preparation for our upcoming Europe trip, I got acquainted with some new-to-me beers by having a Belgian Beer Flight at The Meddlesome Moth this weekend.  The darkest beer, St. Bernardus Abt 12, and the lightest, Blanche de Bruxelles, were my two favorites. Considering that Belgium has approximately one million different types of beers, I'm sure I'll find something there that suits me just fine. It's always good to do your research beforehand though, right? Do you have any favorite Belgian beers? I might as well take recommendations for favorite waffles and chocolate while I'm at it. 

If you're wondering what those slabs of meat on a stick are, they are Bacon Lollipops. They are served on top of a funnel cake with a to-die-for hollandaise sauce.

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kathy belly said...

Yummy! I love the Moth and can't wait to try this flight! My recommendation - try them all