Monday, May 7, 2012

I Like My Sugar With Coffee and Cream

Hey Ladies. It was a sad day in the music world last week when Beastie Boys rapper Adam 'MCA' Yauch passed away after his battle with cancer. Beastie Boys catchy beats and rhymes have long been a staple in my music mix. The first song I remember hearing was "Brass Monkey" and I remember thinking that the term "funky monkey" was absolutely hilarious. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the Beastie Boys then, but I knew I liked them. Songs like "(You GottaFight for Your Right (to Party!)", "No Sleep Till Brooklyn", and "Girls" all seemed so silly, but yet completely awesome. My eventual favorites became workout music staples like "Sabotage", "Intergalactic", and most recently, "Make Some Noise." If you haven't watched a good music video lately (honestly, who still watches them?), watch "Make Some Noise" for some some funny cameos. Rest in peace, MCA.  

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DENISE. said...

I was so sad, too! I love it when I hear other girls who loved them :)