Friday, May 4, 2012

Jockeys and Juleps

The drink line up at Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar for their Kentucky Derby party tomorrow have got this Midwest girl thirsty for some sweet Southern sips. Last year, I had my first Mint Julep and I'm now interested to try some other Southern favorites like Kentucky Punch, Presbyterian Bourbon Press, and an Alabama Sunset. Sissy's, the hot new Southern restaurant on Henderson in Dallas, will be hosting their first Jockeys & Juleps party tomorrow (Saturday, May 5) with the following $5 drink specials from 4-7 p.m.: 

Mint Julep: Woodford Reserve, mint, sugar, splash of water
Kentucky Punch: Maker's Mark, orange pekoe, Thatchers blood orange 
Presbyterian Bourbon Press: Maker's 46, club soda, ginger ale, lemon
Alabama Sunset: Brandy, blackberries

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar
2929 Henderson Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206

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Kelli Long said...

So stinkin cute! Wish I would have gone to Sissy's - guess we'll have to make a date :)