Wednesday, May 23, 2012

YUM — BBQ Chicken Pizza

My husband and I used to eat a lot of frozen pizzas. Before we got married it was pretty much an unspoken rule that every Sunday night we'd enjoy one together before watching our TV shows.  My favorite pizza nights were the ones when we'd pop in a California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza. I can't remember the last time we had it so tonight I made my own BBQ Chicken Pizza.  It only took me six ingredients to make such a delicious pizza pie: a pre-made crust, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, chicken, green onion, red onion, and cheese. The next time I make it I'll probably throw on some Roma tomatoes. If you're in Dallas, you need to try the BBQ Chicken Pizza at State & Allen. It is so yummy!

Photo by Allison 

Do you have any good homemade pizza recipes? 

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