Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Summer Social — Blogging Molly

Today's Sweet Summer Social guest post is by Molly of Blogging Molly. As a writer by day, she gets most of her creative juices flowing at her 9-5, but when she writes a blog post, it's pretty hilarious. Molly and I have been friends throughout our entire lifetimes, which means we've got inside jokes that span nearly 30 years. I find it interesting that she chose to write about popsicles rather than Tad's Tropical Sno.

Impending solstice notwithstanding, it’s officially summer. And summer can be pretty cool, I guess. I love the excuse to whip my hair up in a top knot every single day. You know, on account of the Kansas City heat. (Not a dry heat, mind you.) The dresses are fun, the shorts sassy, the pedis pretty and the bathing suits … well, those suck.

But summer can only be so awesome when you wake up in the early-morning muggy heat to lumber to a desk job instead of swim team practice. When you’re not a child, summer doesn’t seem as sweet.

Instead of being depressed about it, though, let’s just embrace at least one thing sweeter about adulthood summer than childhood summer: the booze. So you have a popsicle kid? Cool. Mine has vodka in it.

Enjoy these spiked popsicle recipes while Junior’s getting his Bomb Pop on. See you at the block party, friends. (I recommend using long skinny shooters as popsicle molds … so chic!)

Cucumber Honeydew Margarita Popsicles

Blackberry Prosecco Popsicles

Cherry Apple Whiskey Sour Popsicles

Mudslide Popsicles

Boozy Beet & Apple Popsicles (for you adventurous folk)

And just because it’s fun: summer also makes me recall catching up on soap operas in my high school years. And thanks to Downton Abbey, my “stories” have been classed up a bit with British accents and Edwardian garb. Do yourself a favor and get hooked STAT.

Thanks for being a part of the Sweet Summer Social, Molly! I can't wait to try one of those Mudslide Popsicles. Be sure to check out Blogging Molly :

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