Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet Summer Social — Reckless Abandon

Today's Sweet Summer Social guest post is by Rachel of Reckless Abandon. She's a Denver-based fashionable foodie who I met in college through my sorority. I'm constantly finding myself salivating over all of her recipes on her blog (my personal favorite are her healthy zucchini fries - so. good.). 

Being a self-pronounced food addict, I can't even shop for a dress without thinking how "yummy" that color looks.  Weird, I know.  Below are some of spring's fashion trends matched up with some must-try recipes.  

Mint.  It's hard to turn the corner without seeing mint skinny jeans, a silky blouse or a lovely sherbet-hued accessory.  Mint in terms of food doesn't always mean that green herb; see below for some tasty minted-colored recipes. 

Earrings - hereOutfit - here, Watch - here, Dress - here, Nail Polish - here

Mint and Chip Cocktail - hereMint White Chocolate Cake - here, Basil and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - here, Avacado Yogurt Dip - here, Cucumber Mint Soup - here

Neon and Neutrals.  As the summer heats up so does the color.  Even if you didn't love the 80's you can't resist the neon-craze.  My favorite way to tone it down a bit is to pair the bright Pantones with a more subdued neutral color.  Check out the bright recipes to bring in the season with a bang!

Neon Skirt Print - hereHeels - here, Blazer - here, Clutches - here, Sandals - here, Neon Maxi - here

Pretzels - hereFood Coloring - here, Pink Truffles - here, Blackberry Lime Pops - here

Lace just won't seem to leave, but that's ok with me! I love the romantic, blush-colored tones that a soft lace brings to an outfit.  Don't just think wedding dresses, ladies; I love lace with some cut-off denim.  It's a great balance of rustic-romantic which are my two favorite words if you know me at all.  Pair your lace with a delicate cookie to complete the look. 
Short-Sleeved Top - herePink Skirt - here, Coral Dress - here, Long-Sleeved Top - here
Icing Stencils - hereCookies - here, Cupcakes - here, Lace Brownies - here, Pancakes - here

Thanks for being a part of the Sweet Summer Social, Rachel! I love the neon clothes and the mint food. Be sure to check out Reckless Abandon


Abbey | Chips and Salsa Designs said...

Love this post and Reckless Abandon! What fantastic recipes - can't wait to make the mussels!

Thriftary said...

Yum! I am a huge fan of Reckless Abandon - Love this post!

DENISE. said...

OMG, these colors ARE yummy! Especially that mint. Mmmmm, mint chip is my fav.

Kelli Long said...

I love this post! Makes me want to buy something mint :) Especially the watch. So fun - And I love love love the neon skirt. Thanks for sharing!!

Rachel said...

Thriftary...can't believe you know Cirque du Sweet! Small world!!