Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Motivation — Go For the Gold Print by Stamped Paper Co.

This Go For The Gold print by Stamped Paper Co. is a perfect reminder to set goals and bust your butt in working to achieve them. Set the bar high. Shoot for the moon. Go for the gold!

These limited edition 18"x24" prints are screen-printed in shiny gold on heavy matte paper and can be purchased for $20, plus $5 shipping.

I've been helping Stamped Paper Co. with some projects this summer so be sure to follow the Stamped blog to keep up with all the fun stuff. And of course, if you need any custom invitations or paper goods, Jill is your gal. I'm so proud of my friend for recently being featured in the Dallas Morning News. You go (for the gold), girl!


J Frye said...

I just spent like 20 minutes on her website. What amazing design. Definitely a new fan :)

Kendall said...

Love that website! I too spent a good chunk of time browsing. Love the Go For The Gold print- perfect timing right now :)