Thursday, August 16, 2012

GIVEAWAY :: Custom Back to School Notecards from Stamped Paper Co.

*This giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank you for participating. Congratulations to Kathleen for winning the notecards!*

It's time for pencils and backpacks and new boxes of crayons...and a new giveaway! I'm partnering with Stamped Paper Co. to give away 25 custom back to school teacher notecards and envelopes to one lucky reader. These can be personalized for your child's teacher, if you are a teacher yourself, or perhaps you might just really like pencils. Stamped Paper Co. was so nice to design these notecards for me as a back to school gift last year. Giving these cards to a Mr. Teacher? Stamped Paper Co. can give you light blue envelopes, too.

How To Win Custom Back to School Notecards from Stamped Paper Co.

To enter and be eligible to win, you must do the following:

1. Leave a comment on this post OR on Stamped Paper Co.'s post about this giveaway. Tell us about a back to school memory or about your favorite teacher.

2. Like Cirque du Sweet and Stamped Paper Co. on Facebook.

Stamped Paper Co. will determine a winner through  /  Winner will be announced on Friday, August 24 on Cirque du Sweet and Stamped Paper Co.  /  Entries will be accepted until Thursday, August 23 at 11:59 p.m. CST  /  Individuals may enter up to one time via blog post comment and Facebook  /  custom stationery is valued at $50  /  no purchase necessary  / Winner must have a U.S. shipping address  /  Void where prohibited


Laura said...

Woohoo! I LOVE school supplies! Growing up I loved back to school shopping for clothes, backpacks, and of course supplies. My favorite memory of back to school is the special trip to the Hello Kitty store in Collin Creek Mall where I could choose TWO items for back to school!

Laura Lynn

Liz in the Mist said...

I am not a teacher, but I work at a school and would love these to write encouraging notes to the staff on!

Hannah said...

Love this giveaway! I have so many memories but when I was in middle school I REALLY wanted this jacket from LL Bean and was so excited that my mom let me get it during our back to school clothes buying. Looking back I laugh because it was a Red Barn Jacket with a Green Corduroy Collar... what? Not on trend, not a name brand, not that cute, and somehow my little middle school self set their heart on it. HA!

Megan said...

Love the odds of winning for this one so I'm jumping in! One of my favorite memories from my school days was playing the around the world math game. Two kids stood up next to each other and the teacher would hold up a flash card with a math problem. Whoever figured out the problem first and got the right answer went on to the next student. The person remaining at the end won the game. Can you tell I was a little competitive back in the day? haha!! I loved all my math classes from then on. Now I love to spoil teachers and staff at my kid's school so this would be perfect!! Crossing my fingers xxxxxx :)

Tracey said...

I use note cards all the time and would love to win this giveaway! My favorite back-to-school thing that happens in our school almost every year is watching kids come in excited and leaving just crying up a storm saying,"I'm not done yet! I don't want to go home." It makes me feel good that they like it so well. (Sad that they are sad, but happy for why!)

Ms.Mello said...

So cute and fun! One of my more prouder favorite back-to-school memories is for 3 Christmas's in a row all I got from my grandparents was a basket full of office/school supplies. That is all I wanted and put on my xmas list. Even when I was a kid school supplies got we excited:)
Happy Back to School!

Leslie Jenkins said...

How cute! My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher-which happens to be the grade I teach.

Cubbies and Nooks said...
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Cubbies and Nooks said...

I have lots of teacher friends that would love these!

kathy belly said...

Love this and I like both amazing companies on FB! A favorite memory as a student I have is with my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Marcus. We created model volcanoes and raised chicks in our room- talk about interactive! Now, as a teacher, I love watching my students come into my room for the first time with big smiles and beginning to build our class community.