Friday, August 3, 2012

London Times — Kensington Palace

Although taking a tour of Kensington Palace isn't typically at the top of most London to-do lists, the royal residence has recently spent quite a few pounds in updating their exhibits making the royal palace a truly engaging experience. The palace in Hyde Park is a definite must see if you're interested in the history of it's royal residents, including Queen Victoria and Princess Diana. It will soon be the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once their apartment renovation is complete. 

While a collection of Princess Diana's dresses was the main attraction at the time of our visit, it was actually the wallpaper in the hallway approaching the exhibit that really struck me. In fact, I was so transfixed by the illustrations by Julie Verhoeven that a friendly docent approached me and informed me that Yoko Ono was in just days before and was the last person who equally as interested in the wallpaper. I never would have guessed me and Yoko had so much in common! 

They're quite captivating, aren't they? 

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Kelli Long said...

That wall paper is amazing! I would love to have that in my house. Great photos Al :)