Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sweet, Frozen Treats of Summer

If you take a look at my Instagram feed from the past few months, from gelato to snocones, and everything in between, this was truly the summer of frozen goodness.

gelato in London 

ice cream at GlacĂ© in Kansas City 

Mimosa Orange Winesicle from SocialIce in Dallas 

Concord Grape and Passion Orange snocone at Lil Freshie in Kansas City 

I should probably note that this is not a fully inclusive list of all of the frozen goodies that I enjoyed this summer. There were many, many more. Have you had any memorable cool treats lately? 


Krista said...

I absolutely LOVE Little Freshie! You just made me really excited for pumpkin spice lattes:).

Kelli Long said...

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think i'll grab a frozen treat today :)