Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Brunch — Croissants de France in Fort Collins

While waiting for a brunch table at Snooze in Fort Collins last weekend, my mom and I stopped by Croissants de France, a tiny French bakery in Old Town that makes the big claim to be the most petit bakery on Earth. I can't say that I've been in a bakery that is smaller, so I'll go ahead and believe it. They are only capable of having one customer inside at a time which creates a small line of customers outside the door. The bakery is nestled behind La Crêperie and is a darling little place to pick up a morning croissant, baguette, or macaron. It's pretty adorable, mes amies.


Kelli Long said...

So sweet - literally :) the nutella croissant sounds delish.

Anonymous said...

Old Town Fort Collins is a popular destination for people to feel a sense of celebration with its fantastic restaurants, shops , breweries and live celebrations in the Old Town Square!!! It has been revitalized to be one of the model historic downtowns in the nation
It's a great place unique experiences like finding the world's smallest French bakery and lifelong memories-----priceless.
Thank you Brian and Allison for coming to see me for a fun Labor Day weekend!! Come back soon.