Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tech Toys — iPhone 4 Cases for Fall

The iPhone 5 will in the hands of us geeky gals oh-so-soon and while the phone has got plenty of slick features to get excited about, I'm also looking forward to picking out a fresh new case for my device. My last three cases have been from Kate Spade and they have done a stand-up job at keeping my phone safe from the countless number of slips and spills it has suffered through. Now, the big question is, when will Kate Spade release a new line of cases to fit the new iPhone 5? Get on it, Brad!

If you're not eligible for an upgrade now or you are cool with your current phone (hey, not everyone needs to be an early adapter),  you can always get yourself a new iPhone 4 case for fall to make it feel like new.


Lexi said...

Every time I think I'm content with my latest iphone case, I see new cases that I think I must have! #addicted
♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

Kelli Long said...

ooooh! i like the leopard print - i have a secret love for anything animal. i think i am an old lady at heart :)

kathy belly said...

Remember to save some skin for your favorite leopard print teacher! Can't wait to play on yours enough to make me want to buy my own!

iPad Mini Aluminium Case said...

very nice and beautiful!