Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Lady Cookie Contest

Having a completely nonpartisan appreciation of all types of cookies, I thought it would be fun to do a taste test of the cookies recipes from Michelle Obama and Ann Romney that they submitted in the First Lady Cookie Contest in Family Circle. My friend Kathleen and I recently baked up a storm to compare Mrs. Obama's White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies to Mrs. Romney's M&M Cookies. While both cookies were good (neither were absolutely spectacular), it was the overall consensus that Michelle's cookies were a tad superior (they were also the winner of the Family Circle contest).  Packed with walnuts, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and mint chocolate chips, it was like tasting a different kind of cookie with every bite. Mrs. Romney's were good although they didn't stand out from other Monster Cookies that I've had.

Just to note, in no way did these cookies persuade any November 6th voting decisions. :)


Anonymous said...

Both of the cookies look yummy! I see lots of $$$$ signs on your grocery tab from buying the ingredients but worth the fun of making 2012First Ladies Cookie Contest.

Hannah said...


Kelli Long said...

Cute idea :) Happy Election day!