Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super Storm

The devastating affects of Hurricane Sandy are so much at the forefront of my mind that it honestly doesn't feel right for me to post about anything else. I like to keep things light on the blog but the fact that this natural disaster has caused so much destruction and disruption to friends and family, businesses and news outlets, and social media pals, I feel like it deserves a mention. I've always been intrigued by the stories and pictures that come from major natural disasters and this super storm is no exception. My friend Hannah (she wrote this post on fun things to do in summertime NYC) has been giving me updates on the situation in Hoboken and it sounds completely surreal.

Much like everyone in the rest of the country, I'm keeping everyone affected in my thoughts and prayers. Of course, there's only so far that can go.  If you're 1,500 miles away and feeling just as helpless as I am,  you can easily donate to the Red Cross by texting 90999. You can also help out our furry friends by donating to the The Humane Society or text ANIMALS to 20222.  I've got a very special spot in my heart for pups who are rescued from storms.

In the meantime, get better East Coast. We love you.

Image from The Boston Globe 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I've been thinking about Miss Hannah and it's good to hear she is OK. Thanks for the info on how to donate to a few great organizations. The Salvation Army is awesome too.

Hannah said...

Allison is always so thoughtful! My hubby and I are safe but a lot of people in Hoboken have lost everything. Our town is just one pocket of many along the East Coast in the same situation. If anyone is interested in helping Hoboken, some legit organizations are Hoboken HOPES, the Hoboken Shelter, and if you find Hoboken on Facebook they are posting items they need in the immediate and where to ship!