Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Motivation — Cirque du Sweet Resolutions

Happy last day of 2012! Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions? I've written a few over the past few days including a few for Cirque du Sweet. There won't be any big changes but I have outlined a few ways that I can be a better blogger. I'd love to have your feedback in what you enjoy the most. If you could take a moment to leave a quick comment below, I would really appreciate it.

To give you a quick year-end-review about Cirque du Sweet, I got a new camera and I've been able to post much more original content thanks to it (this was actually one of my resolutions from last year — yay for keeping them!). I've documented food, crafts, events, travels, restaurants and more. The Monday Motivation series has been something I've kept up with and I recently started a new series with Sunday Brunch. While I was traveling, I had series of guest posts with the Sweet Summer Social. There's of course randomness sprinkled in here and there to keep things interesting.

There's going to be a few subtle changes on some of the content that I post because of other resolutions in my life that I'm making. The big one might sound a bit crazy: I'm cutting back on baking. Yes, the girl who delights in all things sweet, won't have quite as much sugar in stock in her home. I know, I know, it's crazy. This doesn't mean that I'll show restraint when at a bakery or the like. I'm just going to try to broaden my horizons when it comes to fun food stuff at home. The picture of the champagne shaped cookie from Society Bakery is a hint to what I'm thinking.

Cocktails, anyone? Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Wait for me-----I am hopping on this train with you Alli. Good bye Sugarland!

Kelli Long said...

Happy New Year!