Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Club — The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife reads as though you are peeking into the diary of Ernest Hemmingway's first wife, Hadley Richardson. The book shows an intriguing yet depressing love story between Ernest and Hadley but it's the illustrious backdrop of 1920s Paris culture that truly captivated my attention and imagination. If you enjoy historical fiction, you'll likely enjoy the book for simply transporting you to fast-living life of the Jazz Age in Paris. I enjoyed the book but the reviews at my book club were mixed. 

Have you read The Paris Wife? Be sure to share your thoughts on the book in the comments below. 


kathy belly said...

I love the post - had mixed feelings about the book. I enjoyed the historical aspect of it and exploring the world of a wild, young Hemingway, but I thought some parts were a little slow. One thing is for sure, I am glad I am a woman on today's era, rather than the 1920's! Poor Hadley.

Katherine Cola said...

I am in love with Europe, especially Paris. I am also a sucker for a good love story so this novel was perfect for me. It is well written and although there are parts that are very slow, this story kept me reading. As a fan of historical fiction I truly enjoyed it!

Kelli Long said...

I really enjoyed the book - I thought the authors writing style had an affinity to Hemingway, which I like, as it makes for an easy almost drowsy read. As you wind through their years in Paris, and Europe the backdrop of each scene was beautifully depicted and you could imagine each situation as it came to life. The characters emotional portrayal had me wrapped tightly and toward the end had me in knots! It was too easy to get involved in the love story, making me want to delve further into Hemingways life and writing.