Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Brunch — Mauro Mansion Breakfast

Our stay at the Mauro Mansion was one of the highlights of our trip to Amsterdam last summer. When traveling, I'm usually content when a hotel is simply clean with modern amenities and is in a central location. So when a place has as much charm as the Mauro Mansion, I'm over the moon. 

On each morning of our stay, we'd wake up and have the most simple and sustaining meal of freshly made bread, cold-cut meats, and cheeses. Dessert was pineapple, yogurt, or "appeltaart", a classic Dutch dessert. It sounds a bit like lunch but it was actually quite perfect before a long day of exploring. The Dutch are funny like that. Pancakes! Amsterdam didn't even open until noon so our sense of time and it's relation to food didn't apply.  

I highly recommend the Mauro Mansion if you're looking for a quirky and modern experience near the city center. Our hosts, Berry and Marcel, could not have been more inviting and accommodating before and during our stay. 

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Anonymous said...

Just like I remember breakfast in Switzerland. What could be better than a leisurely nutritious brunch before going out for the day! Pass the appletaart please.