Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sweet Sips — Winter Sun Cocktail

Oh my darlings, how I love clementines! This cute little winter fruit won over my heart long ago so when I saw a Winter Sun Cocktail on Two Tarts made with freshly squeezed clementine juice, I knew I needed to shake one up for myself. 

I'm not sure how the recipe only calls for the juice of two clementines because it took at least ten California Cuties for me to get a fourth of a cup of juice (for just one drink). Are Cuties different than other types of clementines? They are the only brand I get so maybe I'm missing something. Regardless, the drink was worth every squeeze. The fresh rosemary garnish adds a perfect wintry touch to the fresh juice, vodka, and triple sec. As mentioned in my resolutions post, I'm cutting back on sugar in baking, but as evidenced in my picture above, I'm clearly not cutting back when it comes to riming my cocktail glass. 

Cheers to 2013! 

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Dulcie Wilcox said...

That looks like a familiar drink. :) I think clementines differ from bag to bag in juiciness. We must have been juicing a particularly plump batch. (I have made them again recently, and it was more like 3). I am glad you liked it despite all the juicing involved!