Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras Goodness

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all! Whether you celebrated carnival season somewhere exotic, on Bourbon Street, at a church pancake dinner, or nowhere at all, here's to the most happy Fat Tuesday. Our new little tradition is taking an excursion to Bishop Arts District the weekend before Mardi Gras for the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras celebration. We enjoyed the beautiful day eating pizza at Eno's Pizza Tavern (get the Pig Smiley) and drinking spicy Bloody Marys at Oddfellows
While walking around Bishop, I was intrigued by a vendor selling King Cake.  I haven't had a piece of King Cake since trying it in grade school during a French lesson, so I was definitely tempted by this purple, yellow, green crazy-sugared pastry. Considering the $5 price tag for a measly slice and the fact that I had the best piece of pie in my entire life at the cozy yellow pie shop down the street, I couldn't justify that particular King Cake, but I still craved it. 

After doing my research on the best King Cake in Dallas, I found out that many people have King Cake shipped from Louisiana bakeries because they are simply the best. I really lucked out when a friend here in Dallas who is originally from the NOLA area offered to bake one for me while I took some pictures of her precious newborn baby girl at her home. Double goodness below. 

How precious is this little babe? Her parents found her in a King Cake!


Kelli Long said...

Love this post! The food, the celebration and that sweet little sugar baby!!

Anonymous said...

What a precious,sweet,and beautiful baby girl.

Allison said...

The sugar baby is the sweetest!

Allison said...
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