Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Sips — Italian Cream Sodas

The first summer that my dad let me bike to "far away" places on my own, I was eleven years old and I'd frequent the nearby shopping center that was probably no more than half a mile away. I found a coffee shop there and fell in love. Not with the coffee, but that I found a quiet place to read the newspaper (yep... preteen nerd alert) and map out my latest schemes and things. Of course, after such a grueling bike ride, I often wanted something refreshing to drink but I had no interest in coffee at that time. My how things have changed!  

Cue my first crush on Italian Sodas.

I hadn't really thought about them since that summer until recently. I've been craving one for awhile now and I finally treated to myself tonight for Valentine's Day. It was even better than I remember. 

Italian Cream Sodas are really easy to make at home. I poured one cup Pellegrino over crushed ice, added 4 tablespoons of Torani Syrup (I used Strawberry), and two tablespoons of half & half for the most dreamy Valentine's Day drink. 

Fun Fact: You can't find Italian Cream Sodas in Italy. They were first popularized in California. 


Kelly - Fabulous K said...

I love italian cream sodas! It never occurred to me to try to make one at home. Yum!

Jax said...

Love these! I've had a few the past couple months, but usually have vanilla. Looks like I need to try strawberry :)

Allison said...

You will love them! They are so easy to make. The Torani syrup is a bit expensive ($7) but it will last for plenty of Italian Cream Sodas.

Allison said...

Ooh, I need to try vanilla. Thanks for the tip!