Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Brunch — Eton Mess

For an easy Easter treat to follow brunch, whip up an Eton Mess, a traditional English dessert named after the prestigious school where my preteen crush, Prince William, attended as a young chap. Unlike my adolescent pals in the mid-90s who fancied the likes of JTT, Devon Sawa, or Brad Renfro (RIP), a fourteen-year-old Prince William was the prince of my dreams. I vividly remember him on the cover of TIME and thinking it could potentially work out between us. Middle schoolers truly are hilarious.

But I digress. Back to the Eton Mess.

The Eton Mess is a no-fail concoction strawberries, crushed meringues, and cream, but you can use any fruit that you'd like. It's been a popular dessert in England for more than a century.

While bopping around Amsterdam last summer, I first learned about the Eton Mess when Brian and I stumbled across Hotel Chocolat, a British chocolate shop that recently opened their doors for the first time in the Netherlands. They have stores in NYC and Boston but Hotel Chocolat was new to me, so naturally, I had to stop in. After reading the description of their Eton Mess-inspired chocolates, it was a no-brainer that they would be my treat for the afternoon. Chocolate! Eton! Prince William! Oh, the nostalgia!

Those chocolates were insanely good. So began my interest in making an Eton Mess of my own. I used Martha Stewart's Eton Mess recipe.

What treats did you enjoy over the Easter holiday?


Anonymous said...

Your dear sweet Mum remembers you writing a letter to Prince William when you were about 11years old. We located an address for him, sent the letter to Buckingham palace and then waited...waited...waited and WOW a letter came back! Do you still have the letter from Princess Diana's secretary???

Kelli Long said...

It could have worked! After all, he married Kate, a mere commoner :)

Allison said...

I'm sure that it is in a box somewhere! I need to find it.