Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Motivation — Eat Your Vegetables Day!

Last September, I did a three day juice cleanse with Roots Juices and it was one of the best and worst eating (or rather, non-eating) experiences of my life. The best and most beneficial part was that it made me think about the kinds of things I put into my body and inspired me up my game in the vegetable department afterwards.

The worst part? A juice cleanse can be super challenging, especially for someone like me who has little willpower when it comes to food. In order to reach maximum results, apparently you're supposed to down juice for five days, but three days was plenty for me. Every day I loathed gulping down the beet juice but I looked forward to my nightly "dessert" of almond milk. To be fully transparent, I cheated a time or two with a late-night slice of turkey and a piece of cheese. Also, out of pure instinct, I may have accidentally reached in the M&M bowl once during a meeting at work.  Oopsies.

After my cleanse, I ended up losing a few pounds but I had no physical energy while juicing. My body felt clean after being flushed of toxins but I didn't feel like I could conquer the world. All in all, I'm a fan of juices, so as long as it complements a well-balanced diet. I don't have plans to do a juice cleanse again soon but I will keep on drinking Roots Juices alongside healthful meals (my favorites are Go Green,  Shine, and Glow).

Since today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, I'm going to attempt to juice mine in the blender using this recipe from Just A Taste. Wish me and my poor blender luck. If you've got a good juicer recommendation, please send it my way. I have a feeling that the trouble of making them at home in a blender will be worth spending $8 a bottle from Roots or that I should go ahead and splurge on a legit juicer.

Roots Juices recently celebrated one year of cleansing Dallas with a fruit juice-based cocktail party at Lounge 31. The "Wamosa" (cold-pressed, local watermelon with champagne) seriously rocked my world. Can I please have one every day this summer?

Okay, time for veggies! 


Kelli Long said...

I have thought about doing a juice cleanse - Maybe I will follow your Root juice lead! I like the idea of someone juicing for me :) As I tend to make quite the mess when doing so at home. btw - the Wamosa sounds AMAZING....

Katie and Craig said...

Hey lady...I did a ton of research a few months back after wanting a juicer for a long time...settled on this one, seemed to be the most highly recommended juicer for the price range I was looking at:
I love it - so easy to use! Definitely recommend.

Allison said...

The one I made at home this morning really wasn't too messy! Check out Hawthorne Homemade's Green Goddess Smoothie.

Allison said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm going to add that to my kitchen wish list. I hardly use our blender and I just found out that it had a liquify button. Do you know what the difference is between that and a juicer's functionality?

Katie and Craig said...

The juicer literally sucks the juice and only the juice out of each vegetable/fruit. There is no pulp - the pulp is funneled to another part of the juicer that you trash (or use in recipes, which I have yet to do). There are benefits to drinking only the juice, most importantly being that the nutrients are absorbed quicker in the pure liquid form. I think the liquify function on a blender can definitely mimic a juicer, but it will include everything that was put in the blender - pulp, skin etc. It's all good for you! I guess it's a preference.