Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sweet Summer Social — Miles With Style

Today's Sweet Summer Social guest post is by Ali of Miles With Style. Ali is a new friend and avid runner who mostly blogs about running but she also incorporates fun stuff from her life in Kansas City. I mentioned her in my post about my first half marathon and how she helped me mentally prepare for the race and was such a great cheerleader the weekend of the race. Ali is an incredible running inspiration but what I like most about her is that she completely understands the importance of a donut after a good run. Today she's here to share one of her favorite breakfast spots in Kansas City.

A big hello to the readers of Cirque du Sweet! I am Ali from Kansas City, MO and I blog at Miles with Style. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to write a guest post, and I am excited to share with all of you one of my favorite “sweets” in life.

For many years, running has been a huge part of my life. I run for relaxation, I run to achieve goals, and I also run to eat!

I have always been a lover of food and I appreciate fine dining as well as trying new things. One of my favorite rituals is a post run meal at my favorite breakfast spot in Kansas City, MO – Eggtc.

During my last marathon training, I would crave a warm vanilla latte after my training runs. Braving the chilly weather conditions would be worth it when I knew there was a frothy drink at the end. And this warm frothy drink never failed to warm me up after hours in the cold.

And what is a warm latte without some eggs on the side. One of my favorite dishes at Eggtc. is the breakfast pizza. Biscuit crust, gravy, eggs, cheese and peppers make this a meal I crave. And also a meal that motivates me to continue to run those miles and miles.

Do you have a certain “sweet” that motivates you to keep going on a hard run or at an intense workout class? If so, please share! And if you’re in the Kansas City area, be sure to make a stop at Eggtc – I will see you there!

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Whitney said...

Love this! The next time I am in KC visiting fam I will definitely have to go for a run so I can justify eating there. Breakfast pizza is definitely a fav.