Sunday, July 14, 2013

Seattle — Capitol Hill

For my eleventh birthday, I fondly remember spending the day exploring the Westport area of Kansas City. I had never been to this area of KC and I was completely intrigued by this somewhat dirty and artsy community. This birthday happened to be in the mid-nineties, at the height of the grunge movement in the Midwest. There's no doubt that I was wearing a plaid button-up exposed with a white tee underneath and my Doc Martens. I was so happy that day as we ate at a pizza-by-the-slice joint, bought used books, and spent time at a record store where I bought the Reality Bites soundtrack CD. I listened to "Stay" by Lisa Loeb at least 1,000 times that year. For a generally preppy preteen, I feel like I did a decent job at fitting the grunge part on occasion being so far removed from Seattle.

Flash forward almost twenty years and found myself exploring the birthplace of grunge and it brought back memories of that special, weird, and angsty time in the 90s. One morning we ventured east of downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill to this neighborhood that not only  has a vibrant music scene, but delicious Bloody Marys, a fantastic independent book store, and some tasty ice cream.

Skillet Diner 

Jayme of Confection Confessions suggested trying Skillet Diner for brunch. I had heard stories of their famous "bacon jam" and knew that I needed to give it a shot. We had just eaten at dahlia bakery so we weren't super hungry enough to eat (their portions looked huge) so we settled on just having mid-morning drinks at the counter. I thought about just purchasing a container of this bacon jam to take home but it didn't look very appetizing. I knew I wanted to try it, so I ordered the Bacon Jam Bloody Mary. It was simply to die for. Killer. If you're not into spicy things, it may not be your cup of tea/Bloody Mary in a mason jar, but it was right up my alley. Bacon Jam, I'm still not exactly sure what you are, but I like you.

Elliott Bay Book Company

Dallas is a sad place for independent book stores, but the Northwest still has a handful that are thriving.  I'm totally guilty in buying books for the past few years for my iPad so I can't be a hypocrite and pull a Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail. That's not to say I can't at least love and appreciate a great bookstore. There's something about the way they smell, the colorful array of book covers, and the trill of physically holding a book and reading the synopsis or thumbing through the pages. Elliott Bay Book Company also has a huge selection of greeting cards made by local designers so I stocked up on a bunch. 

Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream Shop

Ice cream before noon? Sounds good to me. Molly Moon's has appeared on many best ice cream lists recently, so a stop here was a non-negotiable for an ice cream lover like myself. They have a handful of locations around Seattle, but this particular spot in Capitol Hill is just around the corner from Elliott Bay Book Company. Although I got a small cup, I packed it with a trifecta of flavors including Stumptown Coffee, Scout Mint, and Salted Caramel, complete with a vanilla bean caramel drizzle and a Washington cherry on top. Yummy, yummy. Oh, and Molly Moon's definitely gets bonus points for that cute Boston Terrier on their logo.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your memories of being 11 and exploring Westport! Hmmm, I think I was there with you and it seems like yesterday