Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seattle — Monorail and Nordstrom

The Seattle Monorail asked me if they could share this photo I took of the monorail and the flagship Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. Of course — Nordstrom has been my long-time favorite department store and I love trains, even if it's just a short monorail ride. Although it was late when I snapped this photo, and Nordstrom happened to be closed at the time, it's pretty perfect that the monorail happens to stop right in front of Nordy's if you take it during the day and you're up for some shopping.

Although we didn't make it to the original Starbucks, we did manage to do a quick trip through the original Nordstrom.  I wasn't in the mood to shop at the time, so I saved my dollars knowing that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was just weeks away.

Well, now my favorite sale of the year is officially here! They always have great deals and this year is no exception. However, truth be told, most of whatever I buy happens to be from the men's shop since my husband's birthday always falls during the sale. The sale lasts through August 4th so you better get to stepping to snag some new stuff for fall.

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