Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seattle — Piroshky, Piroshky

To piggyback on yesterday's post about Top Pot, my love of pastries and royalty both go deep. As predicted, the royal baby came soon after my post, and I may have shed a few happy tears while watching William and Kate emerge from the hospital today in blue with their baby boy in tow. 

Yes, I'm intrigued. Some read celebrity gossip magazines, I keep tabs on the royals. Judge all you want. 

It wasn't the British royal family though who first spurred my fascination with royalty; it was actually my sixth grade study of the Romanov dynasty. The Treasures of the Czars exhibit stopped in Topeka that year, putting my hometown on the international cultural map for a few months. We devoted at least a semester of history class to learning about the Romanovs. My language arts teacher made us to refer to her as "czarina." I turned down a children's show choir trip to Moscow that year. Yeah, Russia was kind of a big deal. 

To quote Alli's Awesome Articles, a compilation of book reports and essays I wrote in sixth grade:
The Treasures of the Czars was an exhibit that came to Topeka, Kansas in 1995. In the Treasures of the Czars, there were many beautiful and priceless items from the Romanov dynasty in Russia. The items in the exhibit include orbs, oklads, carriages, made of many precious gems, stones, and metals, and beautiful gowns and robes. At the time of the Romanov dynasty, peasants were suffering through famine while the czars and czarinas had everything they ever wanted. The Treasures of the Czars has only been to two cities in the U.S. After visiting Topeka, they will return to the Kremlin museum in Moscow forever
Sadly, I didn't learn any Russian culinary knowledge that year, and other than vodka, I still can't say that I know much. I was excited when I learned that Piroshky, Piroshky was a highly recommended Russian bakery in Pike Place Market. Upon researching the place before going, I learned that it's hardly authentic Russian, but that doesn't lessen the tastiness. I enjoyed a sweet Apple Cinnamon Roll and Brian got a savory beef and cheese roll. That's a standard breakfast in Moscow, right? Sure. 

I'm just going to pretend they were real Russian treats much like I pretend that William and Kate are my chums. Life is more enjoyable that way. Besides, I have no plans to travel to Russia in the near future so this may be as close as I get. 


Kelli Long said...

This place looks delish. And I LOVE Alli's Awesome Articles! You should share more of those :)

Allison said...

I forgot to mention that this place had such a long line! It's right next to the original Starbucks.

I'll try reference more of Alli's Awesome Articles just for you!