Friday, July 12, 2013

Seattle — Tom Douglas

No trip to Seattle should be complete without a trip to at least one of famed chef Tom Douglas's concepts. I wouldn't be privy to local chefs if it weren't for my experience working with Stephan Pyles when I first moved to Dallas. If you're not from the Northwest or you haven't heard of Tom Douglas, don't fret, here's the short run down: last year, he received the prestigious James Beard Award for Best Restauranteur and he won Iron Chef in 2005. There you have it. 

We could have eaten at a Tom Douglas restaurant for every meal while we were there and still not have been to them all. We only made it to Serious Pie for a pizza lunch and dahlia bakery for breakfast. Both places are right around the corner from each other in downtown Seattle (along with Dahlia Lounge). 

Serious Pie

Serious Pie was the one food place in Seattle that Brian had his heart set on trying. Being a good wife, I suggested it should be our first meal. Once we checked in to our hotel, within five minutes we were walking to Serious Pie. It was a little late for lunch, so fortunately we were seated right away at a communal table next to a family in the middle of enjoying their meal. It's definitely the kind of spot you know gets super busy at prime times because 1) their pizza is delicious, 2) it's not a very big space, and 3) Tom Douglas is kind of a big deal. We ordered some local beers and a sweet fennel sausage, peppers, and provolone pizza to share. The pizza came out slightly charred along the edge but that's just part of their "blistered crusts" style. It didn't bother me, but I just didn't quite get it. It didn't really matter though because it's what's on the inside that counts, right? .... and what was on the inside was really good. We should have ordered a salad or dessert to truly be full (I had my eye on the bing cherry tart), but with a big day ahead, we wanted to take things slow. 

dahlia bakery

I didn't do much research into dahlia bakery before we stopped in, so I was quite torn on what to order when we arrived. It was breakfast time, and I was feeling savory, but it's difficult for me to walk into a place full of baked goods and not get something sweet. If it wouldn't have been 9AM, I would have definitely ordered a slice of Tom's Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie. In fact, I should have done it because I'm still regretting that decision. I could have even bought just a little Coco Pie Bite to get just a taste! If you've been or have the opportunity to go, you must tell me about the about amazingness I missed out on.

What we did order was quite good so I guess it makes up for my lack of early morning pie that day. We shared order of beignets with vanilla mascarpone and housemade raspberry jam along with bacon fried egg sandwiches with arugula and cheddar.

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Kelli Long said...

These places look delish. I'll have to stop by when we're in Seattle in August.