Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vancouver — (Funky Good) Medina

Never had I considered paella as a breakfast/brunch/lunch food until ordering it at Café Medina in Vancouver. Put an egg on that paella and boom — it becomes perfectly acceptable to eat before noon. Also included this delicious bowl was orzo, chorizo, zucchini, red pepper, corn, watercress, grano padano, and avocado. The other skillet pictured had braised short ribs under that fried egg. Amazingness all around. 

Be prepared to wait for a table at Medina but know that your wait will be worth it. The meal was the most perfect way to start off our first day exploring Vancouver. 

Vancouver can be quite pricey downtown but Medina is actually quite reasonable for their food quality and the thoughtful European vibe. When I popped in to put our name down for a table, the restaurant seemed so small, but we were eventually led to our table in a big back room filled with interesting art.

For fellow sweet tooth friends, be sure to order the raspberry caramel latte as it will knock your socks off. The Moroccan mimosa was described with much more grandeur than it delivered, so order another latte instead. Also, be sure to order a Belgian waffle and tell me about it. I was too full off my paella pot to try one. Apparently the Pistachio and Rosewater waffles are everything — the chef was trained in Belgium (related: Dandoy Belgian waffles). 

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