Monday, August 19, 2013

Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland

No one with a sweet tooth can make a trip to Portland without a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts. My anticipation built as we saw people blocks out from the 3rd Avenue location gleefully walking with their pink boxes filled with doughnut goodness. After all, good things come in pink boxes. 

I wasn't expecting a twenty minute line on a mid-morning weekday, but I thought wrong. This place has been featured on enough food shows, best lists, that it's a familiar name for many people, not just those who have a special affinity towards doughnuts. Voodoo Doughnuts is not just a doughnut shop, but a tourist destination. 

I like to glaze over my options when ordering but I felt so rushed at Voodoo, even after waiting for twenty minutes. Total doughnut ordering anxiety. There were so many flavors on the racks behind the counter that I really had no idea where to start other than the famous Voodoo Doll doughnut. With no menu posted outside, by the time it was our turn to enter the building and order, we felt rushed by the lady taking our order and we were in and out. 

We ended up quickly ordering four donuts to share including the Voodoo Doll, Grape Ape, ODB, and Neapolitan. The classic Voodoo Doll is filled with raspberry jelly and chocolate frosting was my favorite followed by the Neapolitan, a chocolate cake doughnut with vanilla frosting, strawberry dust, and three marshmallows. The ODB (hey... dirty... baby, I got your money) was overkill with both Oreos and peanut butter, although I did enjoy just one bite. Lastly, as for the Grape Ape, let's just say that grapes are best for wine, not doughnuts. 

Regardless of my less than A+ experience (they can't all be the best doughnuts ever), this place is still a mecca for doughnut lovers. Fortunately, the Voodoo Doll doughnut itself was perfect enough, so I don't think the doughnut Voodoo priests can cast a spell on me. The magic is in the hole. 

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Anonymous said...

You totally bit into the hype. Two words for the best in Portland: Pip's Original. -highest rated, hot and home-made every time.