Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vancouver — DavidsTea

Although occasional frou-frou coffee drinks get the best of me from time to time (you too?), this summer I've been trying to drinking less joe and when if I do, drink it black. Maybe a bit of creamer and sugar here and there, but the blacker, the better. My goal is not to quit drinking coffee completely, but I don't want to depend on it, and I want to be healthier about it. We'll consider this a true feat if I can keep it up once I head back to the classroom in a few weeks.

I recently quit drinking my regular afternoon soda and have been replacing it with tea. Unlike coffee, the plan is to curb soda drinking altogether and place it into the "occasional treat" category. So far, so good, with the exception of one tasty frozen Cuba Libre at a recent birthday celebration. Soda is far too nostalgic for me to completely say good riddance to, but when Coca-Cola even has a campaign raising caloric awareness about their drinks, it's time to reflect.

We came across DavidsTea in the Gastown area of Vancouver, and I learned so much from the turquoise-haired Canadian gal who eagerly jumped on the opportunity to introduce me to several maté teas to help wean me from coffee. My tea knowledge was limited (and still is) but I learned that this type of ancient Amazonian tea is quite energizing. Sold.

DavidsTea was like a magic wonderland for a newbie tea drinker like myself. Each tea is cutely named like they are cupcakes with my favorite maté teas being named Main Squeeze, Chocolate Rocket, and Jumpy Monkey. I'm beginning to think that the psychology of food names and my cravings have something to do with each other. Good work, DavidsTea. Now I'm hooked. Although DavidsTea is mostly Canadian, Chicago and NYC have stores too. Fortunately, you can order the tea online and each order comes with three free samples.

I loaded up with of the teas listed above and the Perfect Tea Mug in Vancouver and came back to Dallas excited to do some more tea research. I've explored some more options at Whole Foods, Teavana, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I think I've finally got this whole steeping thing down, however, I am desperate for some pro-tea tips. Am I officially a grown up when a tea kettle is at the top of 30th birthday wish list? What are your favorite teas and tea accessories?

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