Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vancouver — Japadog (and some Texas dogs)

Should one be proud or ashamed if they consume more hot dogs in one summer than they have over the course of a few years? Quite frankly, I'm ambivalent; it's simply fact of my life. Fortunately, the total of hot dogs I've eaten is still less than the number Joey Chestnut can down in a minute. So there's that. 

The only Canadian food request Brian had was to go to the Japadog, a Japanese-style hot dog stand that started in Vancouver. Although the city felt so Euro to me, it's actually very Asian influenced, and home to Canada's largest Chinatown. The original Japadog stand was just down the street from our hotel downtown so we stopped to see what the hype was about. The Spicy Cheese Terimayo topped with seaweed did not disappoint. 

Yes, seaweed. You won't see that on any hot dog in Tejas! 

Japadog sure know how to make a mean hotdog. Could the key be high-quality Kobe beef? Texas, it's time to step it up. Hot dogs are so haute right now.

The hot dogs I stuffed my face with back in Dallas were dressed with accoutrements other than my former standard of ketchup and mustard. We took Tex to the grand opening of Mutts Cantina, where he enjoyed generalized anxiety, sniffing butts, and dog-friendly custard, all while I ate a "Jessica Biel" dog — an Andouille sausage with peppers, onions, and mustard. It was okay, but definitely not "mighty, mighty hot... just like Jessica." For those of you who are into the whole food feat thing, try the Boomstick at a Texas Rangers game. It's two feet long, three pounds, and loaded with enough to give you a heart attack on the spot (chili, nacho cheese, carmelized onions, and jalapeños). I personally didn't try this one but it was definitely picture-worthy. Lastly, my favorite dog in Dallas was aptly named the Dallas Dog at Wild About Harry's and was simple with only relish, onions, and sprinkled with cheese.

Fill me in: Where can you find the best hot dogs in your city?

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