Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vancouver — Kitsilano Beach

There's no place that's better to unwind than a trip to the beach, especially after getting lost in the mountains. Fortunately in Vancouver, you can wander through the mountains and then relax by the water on the same day. 

We ventured to Kitsilano ("Kits") Beach where it was a bit chilly and overcast on a late June afternoon but still relaxing nonetheless. In lieu of beach loungers, there are lines of driftwood logs down the shore of the beach where you can lay, lean, or sit upon. It's more comfortable than it sounds. 

The nearby shops and restaurants gives Kits Beach a beachy, Californian vibe. Lululemon's first store is in the neighborhood and there's lots of fun little shops to peek into. If Vancouver is the Canadian Hollywood, then Kitsalano is Venice Beach (with far less sideshows). Kits Beach is kind of a place to see and be seen doing some sort of physical activity — and looking good while doing it. I was more into relaxing and eating. For an early dinner, we stopped at Maenam, where the Pad Thai is perfection.    

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