Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Whatever your product may be, pretty packaging scores beacoup points in my book. Mast Brothers Chocolate's beautiful, nautical-inspired wrapping makes the bar worth giving as an easy gift, even if you happen to be morally opposed to spending $8 on a chocolate bar for yourself. At the risk of sounding like an overzealous chocolate sommelier (sign me up if there is such a job!), once your palette begins to appreciate the good stuff, the price for a large bar of perfect chocolate doesn't seem completely crazy. That being said, Mast Brothers Chocolate is more than just a pretty face with lovely packaging. 

After a fun day of traipsing around Williamsburg with Hannah last month, we stopped in the Mast Brothers modernly rustic chocolate making shop to soak in the bean roasting aromas and taste a few chocolates. Because of our location, I was intrigued by the Brooklyn Blend, a dark chocolate house blend with hints of red wine, tobacco, and plum. 

Intent on "saving it for later", I broke off a few bites at Radegast Hall & Biergarten next door as we enjoyed some good German beers (Happy Oktoberfest!) while listening to the cutest lil' polka band. My chocolate bar was completely gone shortly thereafter. Fortunately, Shake Shack sells their own Mast Brothers Chocolate bar blend also, so when I got my NYC grease fix, I thoroughly savored another chocolate bar.

If you're not near Brooklyn, you can order Mast Brothers Chocolate online or at grocery stores like Whole Foods. Oh, and as a side note, just as I was about to click publish on this post I made the connection as to why Mast Brothers has a nautical theme. Mast. Get it? Yikes, I'm slow. 


Nicole said...

You had the same experience Don and I had 3 years ago: Mast Bros + beer hall! So fun! Mast Bros. changed my life.

Allison said...

That's so fun! We had such a great day in Williamsburg and hit up Smorgasburg too. I'm not sure if that was around a few years ago but if you go back soon, it's a must!

Hannah said...

It was the best day! So fun! (and delicious :)

Allison said...

Yes.... the BEST!