Saturday, November 2, 2013

Día de los Muertos — Árboles

While recently on a cool and overcast run around Lady Bird Lake in Austin, I saw a truly eerie sight: a white tree seemingly floating above the water. It literally stopped me in my tracks, chillingly intriguing me. As I got closer, I realized it was not a mysterious tree growing in the middle of the lake, but it was a symbol for something. I knew that the largest urban bat colony in North America makes their home under the South Congress bridge in Austin, but I didn't recall anything about about freaky trees in the water.

Upon further investigation, I learned that it was an innovative art installation titled "Thirst" by Women and Their Work. The purpose of tree is shed light on water conservation and to bring light to the devastating 2011 drought in Texas that killed more than 300 million trees in the state.

The dead, 35-foot Cedar Tree was painted white and is suspended just above the water as if it's reaching for the water but is not able to attain it. It's illuminated at night, giving off a ghostly vibe. It's pretty powerful.


Hannah said...

Oh many do I ever understand how creepy dead trees in water can be! #ElDorado

Allison said...

I'm happy you caught that ;)