Monday, November 18, 2013

My Third Half Marathon

Too busy, too tired, too hot, too cold. I've used every excuse in the book to not go on a run. When you have an accountability buddy, the excuses begin to wean. I mentioned this before, but I was not looking forward to this past running reason, mostly because it began in the heat of July. Regardless, once I committed I knew there was no turning back. Since my friend Kelli joined my group, I knew I had to be there. I wanted to be there.

We did a good job in keeping up with the mileage in our training program. However, I knew it would be tough to achieve my goal of competing 13.1 miles in 2:25. Our long, slow runs had all averaged to be approximately 12 minute miles. In order to reach my goal time for the race, my time needed to be right at 11 minutes per mile. I struggled through all of our speed training runs (I couldn't keep up) so a minute faster was going to be a challenge.

Challenge accepted. I don't know what it is about a race, but when adrenaline kicks in. I take off.

Although I had been training with the group, I knew that I'd have to run independently to achieve my goal time. I was sad not to be with Kelli but I had a packed playlist full of my new power running tunes. Our pace leader, Rick, was race pacing the 2:40 group that many of my group members, including Kelli, finished with. I kept my eye on the prize — two running gazelles holding up a 2:25 sign and I never let them out of my sight, finishing at almost exactly that time.

We could not have asked for better weather conditions that day. It was a chilly start with a sunny and warm finish. I had to do awkward costume change in the middle of the race to remove my long sleeved shirt to just my tank top and repinning on my bib — all without stopping. Super graceful, I'm sure. I felt good all through the race until the last mile when I started to experience some breathing issues. It was nothing serious, but definitely enough to get checked out before I train again.

I'm so proud of Kelli for completing her first half marathon (at three months pregnant nonetheless). She's such a trooper despite many mornings of not feeling it. It so awesome to run with someone who was like me at one point thinking that a half marathon would be next to impossible. With training, hard work, and good friends to push you, anything can happen. Cheers to the three of us!

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Kelli Long said...
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Kelli Long said...

So proud of you friend! You were the best running partner a gal could ask for! Looking forward to next time :)